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Why Consider Seller Financing?

Unlike traditional conventional loans where financial institutions have stricter guidelines, financial terms such as the purchasing price, the length of the loan, interest rate and even the closing date are negotiable in a seller financing transaction.

If you are buyers with a low credit scores or have very little money for a down payment or have recently suffered bankruptcy because of something beyond your control but you are now financially stable, you can still find and own your dream real estate property through seller financing.

Take advantage of today's market conditions, property owners are looking at alternative methods such as seller financing in order to reach a larger number of interested buyers and sell their property quickly.

Don't let the high closing costs or other financial costs discourage you from purchasing your dream home. In a seller financing transaction, you, the buyer, can negotiate a deal with terms that suit your needs and save substantially on closing costs.


Today's Hot Deals

Title : 1 Baltsas Road
Price : $303000
City : Newburgh
State : NY
Title : 1 Hinchcliffe Dr.
Price : $239000
City : Newburgh
State : NY
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